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Stage CMDR Specializes in Fashion Show Runway Rentals

All fashion shows need some sort of runway or catwalk for models to showcase the product. From Stage CMDR, these can come in multiple size and height configurations and are available for fashion show runways and stages.

Stage CMDR offers runway surface types in standard black wood, clear plexi/lexan, frosted, high gloss white, black, gold, red, blue, grey, aluminum, and diamond plate. In addition to the different surface types are also the multiple skirting colors, stair colors and lighting options to select from.

A 24×16 main black stage with a 8×12 clear runway and a 32×4 runway over a fountain.







A 24×16 main black stage with a 8×24 clear runway with lights underneath it.







A 48×4 clear runway with lights underneath it.







A 32×4 main black stage with a 4×16 runway and a 8×16 runway stage that has a 16×4 “T” on the end.







An all white runway stage.








A 4×16 runway with a 16×4 “T” on the end and an 8×40 runway.







An all white runway and main stage with a car on the main stage.












A clear runway stage set just under the top of the water line of a pool for a photo shoot.