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Stage CMDR stages roof top release party in Beverley Hills, California!

Towards the end of 2014, Stage CMDR was one of the lucky chosen vendors to design a stage design concept for a release party. The concept included a stage that was clear and transparent on the front portion of the stage. It was up lit with red lighting fixtures to up light the band members from down below. The back side of the stage hosted the drum riser and was a standard black. Handrails rounded all 3 sides of the stage along with 2 sets of stairs. 2 sound wings on each side of the stage hosted the audio speakers.

Many challenges were initially presented, but were overcame while Stage CMDR project managers and fabrication engineers worked with property structural engineers to insure the surface would soundly support the staging and lighting equipment provided and all the guest in attendance.

The project was a complete success! All the A-list guests, property owners and staff members, client staff members, property engineers and even the band members, raved about how the stage design concept provided by Stage CMDR added extreme value to release party and showcased the property in a way in which it have never been showcased before.