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Bottle Rock Napa 2015 Staged by Stage CMDR & Coors Light

Napa, Ca – This last weekend, Stage CMDR Napa Branch was called upon to supply an all black and silver stage that was sponsored by Coors Light for this years Bottle Rock Napa Concert Festival.

The stage included an all black truss roof with a shade skin, black stage decking, a mixture of black and silver hand rails that lined all sides of the stage and an ADA ramp.

Feedback from all parties involved in the show and the design concept quote, “The only problem with the stage is its to NICE looking as compared to the other stages on site. It exceeds all expectations!”

Stage CMDR has an impeccable reputation for supplying stages that add extreme value to any rental project solemnly due to the appearance of all the equipment. That was the main reason Stage CMDR was selected for this project. It was also because they were the only company that could supply a black truss shade roof to withstand high winds.

CEO Mark J. Davide quotes, “Its always great to hear clients inform us that the only issue with our finish product is, it looks to nice…. Especially since that has been our main mission objective since our inception in 2004. For 11 years now we have been providing equipment that is in mint condition and we will always continue to do so for the decades to come. Our staff puts more pride and passion into the appearance of our stages then anyone else in our line of work. Our equipment condition speaks for itself and it shows how we operate on a project to project basis.”