A 24×16 stage with the front portion of the stage clear with red up lights shining upward through the stage with sound wings, truss towers and a truss arch. This stage was build on top of a tennis court, on top of a night club, at a private residence in Beverley Hills.













A 16X12X4 stage with sound wings, hand rails and skirting.












A 24x20x3 stage with handrails and no skirting.












A 24x12x3 stage at the San Francisco 49ers Levi Stadium parking lot with handrails and no skirting.












A 20x16x3 stage with handrails and no skirting.












A 24x24x3 stage with 2 sound wings, handrails and skirting.












Top Row: A 16x12x4 stage and a 16x12x3 stage with handrails and skirting.
Bottom Row: A 32x20x3 stage with handrails and skirting and a 24x12x2 stage with skirting and no handrails.












A 24x16x2 stage with skirting and no handrails for the band Tainted Love.












A 16x12x2 clear stage wrapped with purple skirting and purple lights under the stage
and a 28x8x30″ black stage behind the clear stage with an 8x8x1 carpeted drum riser.










A 2 tiered 24×16 stage with sound wings, an 8x8x1 drum riser and hand rails on the back side.







A 20x8x2 stage.







Top Left: A 24x16x2 stage with sound wings.
Top Right: A 40x40x5 stage with sound wings.







A 28×24 stage, 30″ high for a Persian/Indian dance performance.













A 24x20x4 stage with a mixture of clear stage decks in the shape of a cross with black stage decks surrounding the cross.














A 24x12x3 stage built on a slope with 10′ silver box truss towers for decor.