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Clear Stages from Stage CMDR can be utilized for many different types of special events

This special feature can be utilized for a numerous amount of different applications in the entertainment, worship and wedding sectors. Clear stages can be used for stages over pools or pool covers, fashion show runways that light up from underneath, stages for bands, stages for expos/convention displays or booths.

To sum it up in a nutshell, having a clear stage that is transparent allows lights from underneath the stage to shine through it. If its over a body of water then you will be able to see the water through the stage.

Stage CMDR has a full line of clear stage decks available for rental at all of its 7 locations. Displayed below are some examples of what a clear stage can be used for.

A 24×12 clear stage with white skirting and stairs and color changing lights underneath it for a band.
















A 12×8 clear stage with white skirting and steps with white lights underneath it for a middle eastern engagement party.







A 24×8 clear stage over a fountain for a dance performance.







Left column is a 20×20 clear stage hanging partially off of a skyscraper building for a rock concert.
Top right picture is a 24×16 stage with standard black decking and a 8×12 clear runway for a fashion show.
Bottom right and very bottom picture is featuring multiple amounts of clear staging for an expo.