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Dance Performance Chooses Stage CMDR For Plexi Glass Dance Floor Over Pool

Fresno, California – Recently Stage CMDR was selected to design and construct a clear plexi glass stage over a pool to be used for a theatrical dance performance followed by open dancing at a private exclusive event that housed over 150 guests.

The pool was an odd shape which called for the design team at Stage CMDR to think outside the normal relm of what most pool covers look like shape wise. Through multiple shaped variations, the final version was selected and approved by the client.

Stage CMDR also provided lights that drop in the water to highlight the water under the stage and black hand rails lined the waterfall edge of the stage.

On install day, the job was executed in record time and went very smooth, as the client states. Feedback from the client was nothing but great reviews and comments from all the guests that were in attendance, along with, the dancers who performed on the stage with out having to hold back any of their performance because of how sturdy the clear stage was.