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Every band needs a drum riser of some sort!

Just about every drummer that plays in a band will tell you that they prefer to be on some sort of riser to elevate them higher then the band since they are sitting down. This enables the crowd to see the drummer whether they are seated or standing.

Drum risers typically are 8×8 and are either 1′ tall, 2′ tall or 3′ tall. These risers can either be static or be constructed with wheels and can be on carpeted or non-carpeted stage decks. or even clear stage decks with lights underneath the drummer to illuminate him/her. Risers can also come with black skirting or any of the colored skirting that Stage CMDR offers. For example you could request white skirting with lights under the riser which would create a glowing effect under the drummer as he/she plays.

During shows that have multiple bands performing throughout the event, having multiple rolling drum risers allow the drummers or drum techs to assemble the drum kit on the riser prior to their start time.

Since setting up the drum kit takes the most amount of time, it saves on intermission between bands or performers having the kits initially set up. If the stage is large enough to stage multiple risers, all it takes is a matter of seconds to roll one riser off the stage and roll another one onto the stage. If the stage is not large enough, this can still be achieved with a fork lift with 8′ fork extensions.