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As everybody knows, every event that contains some sort of live music or a DJ needs to have a dance floor. Lets just face it, dancing on grass or carpet or uneven ground just doesn’t cut it nor is it safe.

Dance floor stages can be used in lue of renting actual dance floor to overcome particular obstacles or create a special novelty. They can be used to elevate a dance floor, create a perfectly level dance floor surface on uneven ground, or have a dance floor that does not touch the ground or terrain which would keep it from getting damaged.

Just like an actual stage, dance floor stages can be any size, shape, heights, can come with all the staging amenities that Stage CMDR offers. For example, a clear stage with color changing lights under it, or a glossy black or gold, white, blue, red or grey dance floor. Stages over pools and stages with hardwood or laminate flooring of your choice can all be used as a dance floor.