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Granite Construction & US Army Corps of Engineers select Stage CMDR

Folsom, California – The City of Folsom is currently housing 1 of the 5th largest active construction projects in the entire United States. This project entails building the new Folsom Dam.

After 5 years of working day and night, phase 1 of the new Folsom Dam has been recently completed by Granite Construction and the US Army Corps of Engineers. This completion called for a massive corporate ceremony to be held right in the spillway of the new dam. Politicians were flown in from all over the country; corporate executives from various construction sectors along with City and State officials, all attended the ceremony.

After extensive background review and final approval by the United States US Army Corps of Engineers, Granite Construction selected Stage CMDR to design and build a stage right in the middle of the spillway of the new project.

Stage CMDR was selected based off of previous work portfolio, safety factor, condition of its equipment, operations process of project execution, and overall service.

CEO Mark J. Davide comments, “Being selected by the US Military along with one of the largest and most well known construction company’s in the nation is very humbling. We at Stage CMDR are honored, grateful and proud to provide our products to celebrate the 1st phase completion of one of the largest active projects in the country. It is truly an honor and one of our most proud rental projects to date.”

After the stage was striked down our crew was able to tour parts of the new construction spillway site which is a one in a life time opportunity.