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Need a stage for a concert, sporting or special event? Call Stage CMDR today!

Stages can be utilized for many different portions to any special event. Awards ceremonies, bands or DJ’s, event announcements, dance performances, display or highlight certain items or decorations, or even use the stage as part of your event to some capacity.

These stages can be customized to the clients desire as far as shape, deck surface, skirting and stair color, any height, with or with out sound wings or drum risers, hand rails in multiple colors, with or with out lighting truss decor.

Once clients experience Stage CMDR’s stages for their concert, sporting or special event, they do not want to use any other staging company. Stage CMDR’s stages always come solid as cement, near new like appearance and condition, slick and smooth look with their skirting, and their stages don’t look like they have been sitting outside in the sun for 10 years. That puts value on any type of event and when you rent a stage from Stage CMDR you can capitalize from the value that they provide with their equipment and service.

A 16X12X4 stage with sound wings.












A 24x20x3 stage.












A 24x12x3 stage at the San Francisco 49ers Levi Stadium parking lot.












A 20x16x3 stage.












A 24x24x3 stage with 2 sound wings.












Top Row: A 16x12x4 stage and a 16x12x3 stage.
Bottom Row: A 32x20x3 stage and a 24x12x2 stage.












A 24x16x2 stage for the band Tainted Love.