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Palm Springs Plexi Glass Stage Provided By Stage CMDR LA Branch

La Quinta, California – Towards the tail end of 2015, a lovely couple decided to use their high end real estate investment property to house the wedding reception for their children on their day of marriage. This particular wedding had over 350 guests in attendance. The couple decided that in order to utilize their property for this large of an event, the only way it would be possible was to hire Stage CMDR to build a dance floor that was placed over the pool.

The project scoop called for 80% coverage with the stage while the remaining 20% was uncovered leaving exposed water. The client selected out of the many options available from Stage CMDR to have the center portion clear and the outside edges black along with the drop in pool LED fixtures, to high light the clear portion of the stage.

The entire stage was completed in under 1 day by the Stage CMDR “Underwater Scaffold Dive Team” members. With a few on the fly adjustments by requests from the client, the project was completed and ready to serve its purpose.

Feedback from the family was beyond ecstatic. The Father of the Bride quotes: “My guests enjoyed the event and many stated it was one of the best weddings they have ever been to. With your recommendations of changing the overall shape of the stage, along with the adjustments you had to make during the set up, due to my needs and wants, I was very happy with the end product. I will recommend your company to anyone in need of your services!”








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