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Stage CMDR LA and San Francisco Display Car on 20’ Circle Stage!

In January, Stage CMDR LA and San Francisco branches were called upon to display a car on top of one of their custom built 20’ full circle stages.

This special event was for the employees of a nation wide known company to celebrate the release of a new product that involved transportation and logistics with in the corporation. Being able to display the car on a full circle stage was a key element in the entire project scope.

Many other rental company’s in the LA and San Francisco markets were contacted to bid on the project. Stage CMDR was the only company that employed a 20’ full circle stage and the only company that even had a staging product that could support the weight of a car.

When asked why Stage Commander was selected, the client comments verbatim, “You guys were the only one that had a circle stage the exact size we needed it to be and you guys were the only ones that could guarantee that you could get the car onto the stage and that your staging product would support the weight of the car. I called 4 other company’s in both cites and none of them had what I needed to get the job done. You guys came through, and came through last minute when our client switched dates on us the week before we actually needed the stage in both cities. Your company made us look like rock stars and I can’t thank you enough.”







Stage CMDR gets asked all the time how strong their stage decks are and how much weight can they support. If you can put a semi truck on their stage decks, it was support just about anything.