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Special Project Focus: Building Stages on Hills or Mountains

Constructing a stage on uneven terrain or on the side of a mountain is an art that takes years of experience to master. Stage CMDR prides in specializing in these types of projects and placing stages in areas people didn’t think were possible.

Some of these projects include building a stage of any size on any degree of slope or on any type of terrain all while ensuring that its perfectly level and straight as an arrow.

Stage CMDR guarantees the structural integrity of every staging project and prides that in over 10 years of service there has not been one safety incident. Displayed below are some of special projects that Stage CMDR was selected to execute:

A 24×16 stage with standard black decking and an 8×8 drum riser.







A 64×48 stage with standard black decking on the side of a mountain. This stage was -2′ into the mountain and +7′ on the opposite side and was used to create an entire surface for a wedding. There was 209 people that attended the wedding. This stage size had a weight rating of 441,600lbs and did not shift or move 1 centimeter.





















A 16×16 stage with standard black decking that was constructed on uneven ground where a portion of the stage is over a 5′ drop off.