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Plexiglas Acrylic Fashion Show Runway Built Over Pool

San Francisco, California – Each year fashion shows across the country continue to revolutionize design concepts by utilizing the innovative specialty staging equipment that Stage CMDR manufactures and employees in their rental arsenal.

One of the many different stage deck surface options available are Plexiglas acrylic stage decks. The fashion show pictured below called for a design concept that included a clear runway built over a pool on a large estate in the San Francisco bay area. Stage CMDR’s SF branch consulted on the design scope which not only included a clear runway, but also custom manufactured white skirting on the parameter of the runway, and also custom built white stairs. This particular runway was not a normal flush mount or cope mounted runway stage. Instead the client envisioned a 2’ tall runway that spans over the pool. Because Stage CMDR specializes in these types of pool jobs, unlike any other staging company in the country, there were bout 8 different ways this could have been built to make the clients vision become reality.

Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Grogan comments, “Stage CMDR is the only company in the entire United States that specializes in covering pools with temporary staging. Not only do we employ a one of a kind Underwater Stage Scaffold Dive Team, but we offer various types of stage decks surfaces, and we can execute these types of specialty projects in a numerous amount of ways making the possibilities endless!”


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