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Stage CMDR Makes Its Break Into Texas’s Oil & Gas Sector With Its 2500# “Commander Concrete Ballast Blocks”

Kerrville, Texas – One of the many items that Stage CMDR manufactures is a wide range of concrete ballast blocks. These blocks are used for many various applications in both public and private sectors across the country.

Pictured below is Stage CMDR’s “Commander Blocks” that weigh 2500# a piece and they are being used to secure guide wires to keep a 40’ tall unit upright, that is being used on an oil field in Texas.

These blocks are manufactured in house and come in 2500# and 3500# rental units. They have a rebar loop on the top of them and they come in either grey, black, or they are available in any of the colors their skirting/soft goods are available in. Other ballast block models available for rental are 2500# and 3500# blocks that allow you to bolt 12″ and 20″ lighting box truss to it on all 5 sides.

The client quotes, “I’m glad I was directed to Stage CMDR as we frequently need ballast to erect our oil rig systems. We are always having a hard time sourcing them when we need them. The ones we have been using for years we have been just making them work. Your design of the blocks is exactly what we have dreamed of having someday. You will have many more rentals coming your way.”