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Walk & Dance On & Over Water With Stage CMDR Acrylic Plexiglass Pool Covers

Portland, Oregon – Want to walk on water? Want to dance over water? Want to have your special event at a certain place but the only way to make room for everyone is by covering the pool? Look no more. Stage CMDR primary specializes in pool covers and is the only company in the entire United States that primary focuses on these types of jobs.

Each pool job comes with an engineered stamped weight load rating and every job is assembled by the “Underwater Stage Scaffold Dive Team” members. The company’s ELITE! Rest assured, it is guaranteed that its impossible for the cover to fail. Semi trucks have been on pool covers to test the durability and strength while under pressure and they have withstood 2 recorded earthquakes.

With Stage CMDR, there are multiple different ways to cover a pool and many different surface options available. Stage CMDR can also cover any pool, no matter the shape, size and depth. With nation wide service available from any of Stage CMDR’s 9 US branch locations, there is not a town or city that Stage CMDR can’t reach to serve.

Call Stage CMDR today for more info on covering your pool for its special use you desire!