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Stage CMDR Las Vegas Branch Supplies Wedding With Plexiglass Acrylic Pool Cover

Henderson, Nevada – Recently Stage CMDR’s Inner Western branch location based out of Las Vegas, Nevada was called upon to design a pool cover for a wedding. The gear list called for 28 of Stage CMDR’s Commander Plexiglass stage decks.

Stage CMDR “Underwater Stage Scaffold Dive Team” members worked underwater at a 12’ depth assembling its Commander Stage System. This system supports the Commander Plexiglass stage decks at ground level which during the wedding will be used to support the 175 guests while they dance the night away celebrating the newly married.

Chief Operating Officer of Stage CMDR, Michael Pelina comments, “Our Las Vegas branch is 1 of 2 of our newest Western regional branches we launched earlier this year. This branch’s mission is to proudly serve the entire Las Vegas region with our Commander Stage System products. I personally have been wanting to expand into this market for many years now, as it always seemed to be a logistical challenge to supply our equipment to this region from our LA branch. I’m happy to see this new location blossoming.”