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Washington Wedding Staged With Plexiglass Acrylic Cover Over Pool By Stage CMDR

Wenatchee, Washington – In a small farming town located 2.5 hours northeast of Seattle, Washington, lies a region known for growing cherries. This little town, just like any other town or major city, hosts many special events. Stage CMDR Portland branch was summonsed to design and build a stage over a pool. The pool cover is to be used as a dance floor for a wedding reception. Since the pool is located in the exact center of the backyard, logistically, it made sense to cover it for when the time comes to open dancing. It was also the only area in the backyard that was flat since the house was built on the side of a hill.

Stage CMDR presented to the client multiple different design concept looks utilizing all the different types of stage decks they offer. From plexiglas to frosted, to standard black decking to glossy red, blue, white, black, gold, brushed aluminum light and dark grey. The client selected to have the center portion clear and the outside edges black to match the color scheme of the entire event.

Dive team members with all their SCUBA gear, assembled the stage system while working underwater for over 4.5 hours. Like any other elite team with in any organization, not just anyone can join the team. Dive team wannabe’s must apply, try out, get tested and certified in a numerous amount of working platforms and on stage and fabrication equipment, in order to become apart of this elite team. Anybody can assemble stage scaffolding, but doing it underwater and for hours on end is a whole other game. Not everybody that applies to be apart of the dive team gets accepted to the program and not everyone graduates and becomes a dive team member for Stage CMDR. The Underwater Stage Scaffold Dive Team members are the company’s “ELITE” and most highly trained stage technician supervisors to assemble all of Stage CMDR’s “Commander Stage” systems in an underwater environment. This process and program in place, guarantees to every client that when a pool cover is built by Stage CMDR it comes with a 1000% guarantee that it is impossible for it to fail during its use. And in the 12 plus years that Stage CMDR has been around, there has been ZERO safety Incidents.

Chief Operating Officer of Stage CMDR, Michael Pelina comments, “The Stage CMDR Underwater Stage Scaffold Dive Team members are our company’s TOP stage technician supervisors. Lets face it, in order to execute their jobs underwater, they are using the same SCUBA dive gear system the United States Navy Seals use. If it didn’t cost so much money and time to train and certify each dive team member in every area they are trained on, it would be a requirement that if you want to work for Stage CMDR you have to become a dive team member and go through the entire process first. This team is necessary in order to guarantee the high level of service we offer for these types of projects. We are the only company in the US that proudly specializes on building stages over pools and we are the only company the employees an Underwater Stage Scaffold Dive Team.”


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