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Stage CMDR expands its home service area Jan 1, 2013

Effective January 1, 2013 Stage CMDR, Inc. expands its home service area from just California & Nevada, to the entire West Coast.  These states include all of California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon & Washington.  CLICK HERE to view our home service area city listings.

This is a result of the current demand for our equipment & services from our clients and potential clients, in all the neighboring states.  STAGECMDR also now has the capacity to service the Mid-West and abroad for special requested projects.

“Our operation has expanded at an increasingly rapid rate over the last year. The demand for the services we specialize in and the customer service we provide to our clients has fueled this astonishing growth rate. Our reputation has hand shaked its way all over the West Coast & across the county, fostering new relationships and servicing the existing ones. By the expansion of our home service area in 2013, there is now no boundaries to
our clients requests to travel where they go. And for the potential new clients they are now NOT limited to using Stage
CMDR just in two states. STAGECMDR will service anywhere the call is for, for what we pride in doing best…and that’s providing top notch equipment & luxury service that each client deserves to have both, readily available and locally” – CEO Mark Davide